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 Voices of Students

Charlotte Wong (English) Charlotte-Wong

Time flies when you are having fun! This is exactly how I feel after studying at CUHK for nearly three years. Studying here is a rewarding experience - I have gained not only knowledge in English, my major discipline, but also in essential skills for life.

As an English major at CUHK, I relish Shakespeare’s sonnets and other literature texts. My professors are helpful and humorous and there is hardly any dull moment in class. We often have open intellectual discussions on English language during tutorials, and in causal meetings.

CUHK offers a really wide range of courses. Apart from having interesting English language classes, I am also given numerous opportunities to learn beyond my major. I have enjoyed different General Education courses and language classes such as Putonghua, French and Spanish classes. Students can even learn sign language! I have gained not merely textbook knowledge but, more importantly, an appreciation of the beauty of languages and human wisdom. In addition, I have participated in joint-universities activities like being a helper in Inter-universities Sports Competition. All these activities have sharpened my interpersonal skills and will benefit me for life. Without doubt, every student at CUHK is exposed to lots of opportunities to unleash his/her full potential in a range of areas, rather than solely focusing on the academic aspect.

It’s never an easy task to decide which university to go to but knowing more about CUHK through our sharing will definitely help you to make a wise and informed decision. All the ambassadors under this scheme have experienced your worries and doubts before, so don’t hesitate to join our events and learn about the essence of CU’s life. Hope to “cu” all at CU soon!

Lau Chun Yi, Amis (Global Business Studies)Amis -Lau

Last semester I was glad to have the opportunity to be on student exchange in Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark and I enjoyed my studies and life there very much.

Speaking of Denmark, people usually think of a country in which people lead a relaxing life. After a few months of living in this Nordic country, I realize that the Danish way of life is of very high quality. Let’s take biking as an example. Biking is so common there that nearly everyone owns a bike. Cycling helps the Danish people stay healthy, and also helps conserve the environment as fewer air pollutants are emitted. With the clean environment, the less hasty pace of living and the focus on work-life balance, this country is definitely one of the best places to enjoy life and to reflect on what an ideal life should be.

Exchange students to Copenhagen receive warm welcome from local students. The CBS has a buddy system in which each exchange student is taken care of by a local student. My buddy not only provided me with guidance on my studies and living in Copenhagen, she also showed me around the city, bringing me to Tivoli, the amusement park with more than 160 years of history, and we spent a wonderful night at a rock concert by a Danish band. My Danish classmates were very welcoming as well. I won’t forget the Danish dinner prepared by some of my classmates. One of the dishes they prepared was a traditional dish called Smørrebrød (a kind of open sandwich), which was made with a piece of buttered rye bread (or “rugbrød”, an important ingredient in Danish cuisine) with toppings such as pickled herrings and liver paste. I also tried a dessert which was made by adding crème to crushed rugbrød. That was an unforgettable night with an awesome dinner and some nice chats.

During the days in Denmark, I was exposed to a totally different culture and I made friends with people of different backgrounds. I am sure that the exchange would become one of the most impressive events during my university life.

June-ShekJunes Shek (Global Business Studies)

My 3 years in CUHK have made a lasting impact on me and molded me to become who I am today, at work and in life.

Not only have the business courses equipped me with practical knowledge to handle work, my interaction with people from diverse backgrounds possessing a wide range of skills and talents has also motivated me to develop my potential. As a relationship manager in a global bank, I have to liaise and cooperate with clients and colleagues from all over the world. My exchanges in Europe and USA have widened my horizons and polished my interpersonal skills to communicate effectively across cultures and work with people with different working styles and preferences.

Apart from work, the wide range of course choices introduced me to the many interesting areas of the world and life, which helped me maintain a good work/life balance. Last but not least, CUHK is a place where I made many friends whom I had fun with and are still supportive even now that our paths have parted.

All the precious memories as a student in CUHK will stay with me forever and I am proud to say I am a CUHK graduate!

Chan Ho Yeung, Thomas (Professional Accountancy)Thomas-Chan

As a student of CUHK, we have many opportunities to learn and develop. In addition to overseas exchange and internship programmes, one activity that has inspired me is being a School Relations Ambassador (SRA) of the University. Being an SRA is much more than just being a student representative and to promote it to different people. It is about how you interact with people you meet, how you help them understand the beauty of CUHK, and how you inspire them.

For example, I was one of the ambassadors receiving a group of secondary students under the YWCA Life Vision Leadership Training Scheme on 13 August 2010. The aim of their visit to CUHK was to meet university student leaders, so as to understand what university life is like, and how university student leaders view current issues.

When I was first asked to work on the event, I thought I only had a small part to play to share my life at CUHK with the participants. However, after the first meeting with OAFA and the other ambassadors, I realized that we actually had a central role in the event. Not only did we have to lead the sharing, we were also responsible for planning, logistics, and every detail of the event.

In order for the participants to make the most of their visit, such that they develop a better understanding of university life and leadership, we arranged different activities including a sharing about our university lives, a discussion and sharing on current issues, and a campus tour.

Such event planning work as rundown planning, work allocation and materials preparation was not difficult for us. However, it was difficult to predict how active the participants would be in our activities. Therefore, we planned an ice-breaking game to play with them, and we were prepared to encourage them to express themselves more in the discussion.

The event turned out to be a huge success. Participants were so proactive in our activities that it took us all by surprise. We knew they were all very smart students when we saw them playing the ice-breaking game energetically. They themselves had brought about a very meaningful and fruitful discussion by actively sharing their own views on leadership and current issues. They were not shy at all to ask us questions about CUHK and our university lives. I was indeed very impressed by their urge to learn more.

It was actually a wonderful afternoon with them. I particularly enjoyed sharing with them, for it is a kind of interaction that allows a free interflow of viewpoints and ideas. While I was sharing my opinion, I was simultaneously learning from their viewpoints.

It was a fruitful and memorable experience to me, as we have achieved more than just to inform them about the facts of CUHK and to promote to them the glamorous life at CUHK. The activity seemed to be an inspiration to them, since they have learnt that a leader should be passionate , determined, and be able to think from different perspectives.

The inspiration to me comes from the fact that we can inspire the participants. It was very encouraging when they told me they like the student life at CUHK. I was particularly impressed when a student told me that his disappointment with his unsatisfactory HKCEE results vanished after the visit. He realised that life at the university would be very fruitful and enjoyable . He would put in all his efforts to study hard to gain entry to the university.

Being a School Relations Ambassadors is not a role we assume occasionally. It is who we are. With passion, we interact with different people and we inspire them with the beauty of CUHK.

Claire-WuWu Yu, Claire (Psychology)

My short but fulfilling years in CUHK have been one of the most satisfying periods in my life. I came from Taiwan and had been travelling from continent to continent, until I found a warm home – CUHK. The Chinese University of Hong Kong is more than just an outstanding university; it goes out of its way to offer its students the very best.

Being an international student means that you do not share a common cultural background with majority of the local students. Some students may have reservations about studying for years in a foreign city. Others, like me, can barely understand the local language (that is, Cantonese) when they first arrive. Luckily for me, none of these were problems because the university provides just about everything one could possibly need. I have taken courses to enhance my language abilities. And everyone speaks great English and is always ready to help. Almost all courses offered are in English and I have picked up some Cantonese as time goes by, making me feel quite proud of my language abilities. Moreover, I do not feel excluded at all - I have established firm friendships with students both from Hong Kong and from around the globe. 

CUHK is also known for its international diversity, which provides an exciting environment for students. We have lots of students from all over the world so we can interact with and learn from one another. Once, not long after I first arrived and was still trying to find my way round this biggest campus in Hong Kong, I decided to ask for direction from an Asian-looking person, whom I presumed to be a local student. But it turned out that he was a Japanese exchange student who, like me, knew little about the campus! We ended up working together to get help from other students. The little encounter shows that wherever you are at CUHK, you will find yourself in a multinational community, like a miniature version of the United Nation. The constant international contact on campus, as well as the plentiful exchange opportunities to other famous universities worldwide, help develop a global outlook amongst students at CUHK.

I am preparing myself for a student exchange programme next year, and I know it will be another very rewarding experience for me. I believe joining CUHK is one of the wisest decisions I had ever made and I can’t wait to discover what is welcoming me next in my university life.

Chiu Karen Tiffany (Sociology)Tiffany-Chiu

I am Karen, a Year 2 student of the Sociology Department. I gained a lot of valuable experience in my first year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong last year. I believe that choosing this elite university is definitely the right choice for me, well worth the long journey I made to be here.

After years of studies in England, it has taken me some time to adapt to my life in Hong Kong. Luckily, the Sociology Department provides really good care to students. Some classes are small, providing platforms for professors and students to exchange ideas and questions. I am amazed by how approachable and friendly professors could be - they are my teachers as well as my friends and they love to share their professional knowledge and advice. As a result, I can consistently achieve good results academically and meet all expectations. I have worked extremely hard and I have successfully balanced the study workload with an enjoyable university life. I am confident that I will take up more challenges through participating in different kinds of activities in future. 

In addition to academic work, college life in CUHK supports whole-person education. Students can participate in a lot of activities at their colleges. Last year, I joined a leadership training programme, which incorporated an exciting 7-day Outward Bound course. I also helped one of the new colleges to organise the orientation camp for their first intake of students.

With all the opportunities that the University provides, I truly believe that CUHK prepares all-rounded students for the society.