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About CUHK


Welcome Message

I am delighted that you are considering The Chinese University of Hong Kong for your undergraduate studies.


Founded in 1963 with a mission "to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West", the University has, since its founding, developed into an academic institution of international standing, well-known for its excellence in both teaching and research.


One of the unique features of our University is its college system, which has helped to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for its students. Through its 9 constituent colleges, you will participate in a wide range of college activities where you can interact closely with your teachers and peers, and benefit from the pastoral care and whole-person education that our colleges offer.


Our undergraduate curriculum provides students with the flexibility to experience education in its broadest sense. You can pursue studies in your discipline of choice, expand your horizon through exploring General Education and other subjects, and take up opportunities for overseas exchange in a range of world-class institutions, internship in a workplace locally or abroad, as well as community and social service. The overall goal is to help you grow intellectually, develop appropriate skills and values, and prepare for further studies or a career in an ever-changing environment.


The University believes in "education without borders", and is home to a diverse campus community with faculty and students hail from some 50 countries and regions. Here you learn to live and work in harmony with those who might be very different from you. You will develop new ways of looking at things and handling problems and acquire a cosmopolitan outlook.



Generations of CUHK graduates have found that the education they received here has prepared them well for life and work. I am sure you too will enjoy the time you spend on our picturesque campus in pursuit of your dreams. I look forward to welcoming you into The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Joseph Sung
Vice-Chancellor and President