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International Students Admissions
Study at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and you will soon discover that Hong Kong - widely celebrated as Asia's world city - is truly exceptional in the way it combines intellectual challenge with material comfort.

English is widely spoken in this most cosmopolitan of cities. Along with invigorating opportunities for personal growth, Hong Kong offers unmatched insights into fast track global business, rapid urban and social development, and an energetic civil society.

Medical care in Hong Kong is world class and public hospitals are inexpensive; the great majority of doctors in Hong Kong speak very good English, especially the doctors on campus who look after the international student body.

Law and order in Hong Kong is the envy of many other cities in the world; the crime rate is low and public security is not only very good but also unobtrusive.

There is, on top of it all, a rich cultural life in Hong Kong. Often described as The City of Light, Hong Kong is the meeting place of East and West where the indigenous culture of Southern China comes into contact with the best the West has to offer in the world of the arts and of entertainment. And the result has been a creative fusion that has thrown new light on many traditional art forms. Hong Kong is particularly well served in terms of performance venues and arts festivals. It is on the cultural calendar of world class artists and performers.

There are eight publicly-funded institutions providing degree programmes in Hong Kong for a city of 7.35 million people. That in itself speaks volumes for the rich social and cultural life one can expect in Hong Kong's thriving academic community. The universities all have links with each other and with academic institutions in China and abroad.

Overseas nationals who have obtained a degree or higher qualification in a full-time and locally accredited programme in Hong Kong may apply to stay/return and work in the HKSAR under the "Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates". For details, please visit the website of Immigration Department, HKSAR.


Please visit Study in Hong Kong website for more information.