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Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University provides different types of bursaries and loans to help students with financial need. To find out more about how the bursaries or loans have helped the recipients in university studies:

Chan Yu 5

Chan Yu  
Professional Accountancy 

Recipient of the K.K. Chow Bursaries 2015/16 

I am very grateful to be one of the recipients of the K.K. Chow Bursaries. I am a student majoring in Professional Accountancy. In the past two years, I have spent a lot of time on doing community services and participating in services trips... More

Lai Hoi Yee 3

Lai Hoi Yee Sherine
Bachelor of Nursing

Recipient of the S.K. Yee Medical Foundation Bursaries 2015/16 

I was very pleased to know that I was chosen to be one of the recipients of S. K. Yee Medical Foundation Bursaries in 2015/16. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Foundation for its generosity.

I study Nursing because I want to provide holistic care to patients, caring them with psychological comfort but not only physical recovery.... More

Lai So Ting 5

Lai So Ting
Journalism and Communication 

Recipient of the Winsor Education Foundation Students' Interest-Free Loan Programme 2014/15 

Thanks to the subsidy offered by the Winsor Education Foundation, I can afford my living and study in Korea for one semester in 2015/16. I had a great time there and it was definitely an unforgettable journey in my life...More

Lam Chun Yin 6

Lam Chun Yin

Recipient of the Albert Young Foundation Limited Bursaries 2015/16 

The bursary allows me to allocate more time in academic study and participate in extra-curricular activities to broaden my horizon. What I have gained from this bursary is not only financial support, but also new experiences in community services because the bursary encourages students to do voluntary services to increase our exposure to the society...More