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Scholarships and Financial Aid


The University provides different types of bursaries and loans to help students with financial need. To find out more about how the bursaries or loans have helped the recipients in university studies:

Ku Ngai Lam 2


Ku Ngai Lam  
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) 

Recipient of S.K. Yee Medical Foundation Bursaries 2016/17 

I am honored to receive S.K. Yee Medical Foundation Bursaries in the past three years. The Bursaries help me tremendously not just by offering financial assistance, but also with its support and inspiration.

I am a Year 3 medical student. Being a doctor is my aspiration. Growing up in a single-parent family with a visually impaired mother makes my road bumpier. The bursaries alleviate my financial difficulty and ease my worry so that I can focus on my studies...More  

Ma Cho Ho 2


楊明標及區寶琪助學金 2016/17 受助同學 

我希望透過這個機會感謝入學及學生資助處的幫助及楊明標博士的慷慨解囊,讓我能夠獲得楊明標及區寶琪助學金。去年,我亦曾經獲得這助學金,能夠獲得你們的無私幫助實在是我的榮幸.... 更多     

Wong Hoi Ting 2

Wong Hoi Ting
Professional Accountancy 

Recipient of  ICAEW Foundation in Hong Kong Bursary 2016/17 

I would like to express my gratitude to the ICAEW Foundation as my family did receive a lot of support from the bursary.

In the first year of my campus life, I have grown up in several aspects. Different from studying in secondary school, being a university student has to be much more responsible and self-disciplined...More

Wong Ting Ting 2

Wong Ting Ting
Bachelor of Laws 

Recipient of Winsor Education Foundation Students' Interest-Free Loan Programme 2015/16 

I am so grateful for receiving the loan. I would like to thank Winsor Education Foundation for its generosity and kindness.

I went on exchange in the University of Cambridge last summer. It was a wonderful experience which enabled me to study law courses in Cambridge, enjoy the student life there, meet new friends from all over the world and travel around the United Kingdom...More