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Scholarships and Financial Aid



Mr. Chan Kai Pan
Physical Education and Sports Science

- Kwok Physical Education Scholarship 2014/15
- Sports for Hope Scholarships 2014/15
- Talent Development Scholarship 2014/15

I am proud and glad to be selected as one of the scholarship recipients according to my achievements in the sports field as a student-athlete. Ever since I planted my footsteps in the track, I have decided to run with all my passion and dedication in the event of distance running regardless of any difficulties ahead. The kind support from donors really means a lot to me and will definitely be a boost to propel my aspiration forward...More


Mr. Chan Kai Pui
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (Graduate of 2016 Class) 
LLB (Graduate of 2015 Class) 

- HKSAR Government Scholarships 2014/15
- HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship 2014/15
- Kong E Suen Memorial Scholarships 2014/15
- Reaching Out Award 2014/15
- Wei Lun Foundation Scholarships for the Faculty of Law 2014/15

The scholarship application process is a valuable experience, allowing me to believe in and understand more about myself, and I had the chance to meet the selection panels and learn more about the roles of the donors in Hong Kong. Their commitment reminds me of the significance of not only working hard to achieve my goals, but also contributing back in the future to society in order to nurture the next generations...More


Miss Chan Wing Yin
Global Business Studies

- Chartered Secretaries Scholarship 2014/15
- HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship 2014/15
- Professor Kitty Y.H. Young Memorial Scholarship 2014/15
- Reaching Out Award 2014/15
- The Cheng Foundation Scholarships 2014/15
- Talent Development Scholarship 2013/14

Being selected as a scholarship recipient is not only about receiving the financial support, but also gaining the recognition and trust from the donor. To me, it means that the donor believes in my aspirations and is willing to trust my perseverance and ability to actualize them...More


Miss Dai Yichen
Molecular Biotechnology (Graduate of 2016 Class)

- Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship 2012/13 - 2015/16
- Reaching Out Award 2014/15

- The Rhodes Scholarship 2016

These scholarships have also changed the way I view science: not simply as an interest, but also as a way I can make a difference....More


Ip Kar Shun

Mr. Ip Kar Shun 
Computer Science

- CUHK Convocation Outstanding Services and Creativity Student Award 2015/16 
- Rioja Group Scholarship 2015/16 
- Talent Development Scholarship 2014/15

With my effort being recognized, I am motivated to strive for excellence, dream big but start small. The generosity of the donors inspires me to contribute to the community using my specialty.....More



Mr. Lam Man Ho Benny 

- HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2015/16

I have always dreamt of a precious opportunity to study at another renowned university to cultivate my interest in the specialism of speech therapy. The University of Oxford is definitely my first choice. The generosity from HSBC makes my goals and dreams come true...More    


Mr. Lee Kong Ngai  
MBChB (Global Physician-Leadership Stream)

- CUHK Convocation Outstanding Services and Creativity Student Award 2015/16
- CUHKMAA Dr. Tse Yuen Man Memorial Scholarship 2015/16

With encouragements, there is faith inside me that the service projects leading me to the awards will only mark a beginning for me to serve Hong Kong Society and my passion will make the seeds of service to germinate and to grow tall in everyone’s hearts.....More  



Mr. Li Chi Chung
Mechanical and Automation Engineering (Graduate of 2016 Class)

- Chiang Chen Overseas Fellowship 2016/17
- Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship 2015/16
- Chiang Chen Overseas Exchange Scholarship 2014/15
- Professor Charles K. Kao Research Exchange Scholarship 2013/14
- Reaching Out Award 2013/14

While financial assistance is the most practical way to ease my burden in these adventures, it is the recognition and encouragement that pushed me forward...More